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Zoom-room-sleeper, the new double cab interior with custom storage compartments designed with the professional driver in mind ( view with top section removed to show the inside of the double cab model) the zoomroom reduces operating cost while improving the drivers lifestyle, comfort, and safety! have your own high-quality mattress and your favorite pillow with the touch of a button - you just rest.. Zoom-room is an industry leading provider of murphy beds, including unique german-made electric murphy beds and motorized murphy beds. with 15 years of experience in the murphy bed market, our retractable bed range includes everything from amish murphy beds, disappearing desk beds. custom cabinetry and much more., zoomroom, sleepers, and haulers, elkhart, indiana. 771 likes · 11 talking about this · 5 were here. the adventures of the zoom room from across the country!!!!.

Find out if there are murphy beds available near you in milwaukee, wisconsin! we'll give you the details you need to find your new dream bed at zoom-room., the zoom room sleeper designed for the professional driver, wheel hauler, cross country drivers, rv delivery, hot shot rig a sleeper for pickups. you climbb up thru your tuck's sunroof into the zr after it unfolds this new over the cab sleeper berth provides a comfortable bed anytime or place and is d..

In reply to octavious: yeah.. i don't see one of those lasting very long getting set up every night for maybe 300 nights per year. or being a pleasant place to sleep in the middle of winter or during a driving thunderstorm., a sleeper berth which is not located within the driver's compartment and has no direct entrance into the driver's compartment must be equipped with a means of communication between the occupant and the driver. the means of communication may consist of a telephone, speaker tube, buzzer, pull cord, or other mechanical or electrical device.